Strategic Management – Campbell Soup

4 April 2015
A case analysis of Campbell Soup’s strategic management.

The paper looks at the changes in management of the company under three different CEO’s. It deals with issues such as product diversification, target achievement, restructuring of major business units and evaluates the changes made by each CEO. It concludes by making suggestions for the future.
“Campbell Soup under the three CEOs under went different strategies. At the time the company believed it was dealing with the best possible strategy in order to position Campbell Soup. For instance during the McGovern period, the company needed product diversification to niche markets its consumers. No doubt this is necessary but from its losses it could be seen that the strategy adopted by McGovern failed because he made rapid plans without considering the adverse effects. Hence, when Johnson took over the task of devising a strategy it could be seen that the company progressed because Johnson’s strategy was not expansion but conservation. By eliminating the six units as well as reducing the product line, he merely took care of the extensive overhead cost spill derived from McGovern’s plans.”
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