Strategic Plan

New age beauty supply is a black owned family organization focusing on providing high quality hair products and accessories. The organizations customers consist of professional beauty salons, barber shops, and the general public. New age beauty supply provides beauty salons and barber shops with the professional strength hair products they need, and the everyday hair products the general public requires. Black barber shops and beauty salons rarely have an opportunity to get their products from a black owned beauty supply, new age beauty supply aims to change this trend.New age beauty supply provides their barber shop customers with clipper blade sharpening at a discounted rate for maintaining a good business relationship. New age beauty supply is a family owned organization so every member of the family will be able to provide any product or service the organization offers.

Having a well trained staff ensures the customer has a professional and quality business transaction when they conduct business with new age beauty supply. New age beauty supply’s mission statement is “to be the best beauty supply organization in the industry.New age beauty supply is committed to providing hair care professionals and the general public with exceptional customer service, high quality hair products, accessories, and an array of professional services. At new age beauty supply we strive to be the most knowledgeable, friendliest, and professional beauty supplier in the hair care industry. ” Vision and Goals for the future The primary goal of the organization is to grow and develop positive business relationships with hair care professionals in the black community.Once new age beauty supply firmly establishes itself in the community expansion, opening a barber shop and beauty salon is the second goal the organization strives to achieve. The third and final goal the organization envisions is the creation of a black owned barber college/cosmetology school.

New age beauty supply is dedicated to accomplishing these goals, and making them a reality. The new age beauty supply organization was created for the sole reason of giving back, and serving the black community. Each phase of the organization works together as one unit with the single goal of serving our community.Our organizations aim is improve the condition of our community and not exploit it. Low income kids in our communities who cannot afford traditional universities can attend our new age barber college/cosmetology school. Upon graduating our barber college/cosmetology school students have the option of working in our barber shop or beauty salon, or the students can venture out and work in any shop of their choice. Our organization can provide felons in our communities who cannot find work opportunities to rehabilitate their lives by working in the hair care industry.

Our barber college/cosmetology schools main purpose is career training, and training our students to strive to be business owners creating networking opportunities within our communities. New age beauty supply is committed to achieving and turning the future goals of our organization into reality. Organizational values and Ethics Values, culture, social responsibility, and ethics are vital components of the strategic planning process (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Implementing the values of the organization determine the atmosphere or culture of the organization (Pearce & Robinson, 2009).Customer service and teamwork are the values new age beauty supply is founded on. Successful organizations put the needs of their customers first. With a family organization like new age beauty supply working together as a team ensures the organization will achieve its mission statement.

Without unity and teamwork the organization will certainly fail. Ethics are vital in operating a successful organization. New age beauty supply states in our mission we will sell high quality products, and anything less than that is unethical.At new age beauty supply we will never knowingly sell bad products or provide poor quality on any of our services we provide. Any ethical violation will have a negative impact on our organization, which we consider unacceptable. The new age beauty supply organization practices social responsibility by serving our community. Our organization displays social responsibility by providing opportunities for success in our communities to those who are less fortunate.

We also display social responsibility by providing felons with not only a second chance, but a sense of hope which will drastically reduce the risk of repeat offenders.Leading by example and giving back to the community and not exploiting it for personal gain is truly being socially responsible, which new age beauty supply strives to achieve in our community. The new age beauty supply organization stands behind our mission statement, values, and our organizational visions, which keep our organization on course with our strategic direction. Staying true to the vision of what we want our organization to become in the future ensures the new age beauty supply organization successfully executes our strategic plan flawlessly.At new age beauty supply our main objective is keeping the needs of the customers first. Without the customers our organization will certainly fail. At new age beauty supply we achieve a competitive advantage by keeping our prices reasonable, and the work we do in our communities.

The customers living in our communities do business with our organization opposed to our competitors because we serve the community and do not exploit it. We will not raise our prices to increase our profits, when we know the ustomers in our community cannot afford it. Our competitors do not offer the programs new age beauty supply provides giving us a competitive edge on our competition. Conclusion The new age beauty supply organization’s vision, mission, and values are the main factors, which play a vital role in influencing the organization’s strategic direction. Every organization should serve their customers and their communities. Maintaining moral and ethical values ensures our organization keeps the customers and the community first.Strategic planning is vital to the success of any organization.

Following our strategic plan will ensure new age beauty supply will achieve every goal set in the vision of our organization. The new age beauty supply organization will continue to strive toward our vision, and once reached we are committed to serving our communities to the best of our abilities. References Pearce, J. A. , & Robinson, R. B. (2009).

Strategic Management. Formulation, Implementation, and Control (11th ed. ). New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.

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