Strategic Planning and Implementation Ethic Reflection Paper

4 April 2017

Explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan, considering stakeholder needs. • •To describe the role of ethic and social responsibility in a strategic plan one must first understand what ethical discussion making is. Business ethics is how the organization cares for their employees and the society as a whole. To make an ethical discussion three elements or integral parts must be consider. Awareness, Articulation, and Application.

Awareness is making discussion good discussion from an ethical view which is the foundation of ethical discussion making. Articulation is the ability to express your emphases point of view, and application is daily putting to use good discussion making from an ethical viewpoint. Strategic planning decides the general course and objective of the business. As a result, strategic planning controls many parts of the organization such as the services and product that will be offered and how it will be deliberated.

Corporate social responsibility is a very important element of the organization. Organization must be social responsible to stay in business. CSR help creates a good image for your organization a good reputation and trust is an organization precious possessions. CSR is good for the employees. Most people have a desire to do good it gives employees a sense of purpose and meaning when the work that they do have made a positive change. When an organization has a good reputation it draws and maintains good employees.

This cut down on cost of hiring and training new people. Organizations that make ethical discussions as best practice for the company often remain out of the media with negative publicity. These practice benefits stakeholders and the organization as a whole. When developing a strategic plan many factors have to be considered and ethic and social responsibility is included. It is important that an organizations strategic plan recognize as well, must supervise recent and change regulations from regulatory agencies such as the IRS, FDA, ERISA, and others.

Organization should have departments within the company to guarantee that the company is in observance with all regulatory necessities. Once these regulatory requirements are in place, the company can move towards improving the company’s image. Organizations often offer ethic trainings to the employees as a whole. Explain how your ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program. I believe that there is no absolute standard of right and wrong as a whole. Giving different information and situation, each person beliefs and value system is different, and may change depending upon the circumstances.

When dealing with daily work experiences everyone perspectives are different and need to be respected. In conclusion ethical discussion making is a vital part of an organization strategic planning success. It is very important that the company’s mission statement is clear and consist to reflect the goals and direction of the organization so that the desire outcome is encourage and achieved by company as a whole from upper management, stakeholder and every employee.

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