Strategic Planning & Public Administration

Concept & practice of organizational strategizing & public projects. Looks at the history since the Great Depression, bureaucracy, community impact, budget cuts, goals and limitations.

In the field of public administration, there are countless stories of planning fiascoes. For example, one popular story of poor planning cites the highway department that built a bridge that connected to nothing on the other side of the river. The expected road on the other side was never constructed. Planning is the first rule to wise public management. It seems an obvious presumption and yet, as Mintzberg (1973, p. 38) tells us, managers frequently do not plan carefully. Managers too often spend their time dealing with day-to-day crises rather than planning strategically.

This research examines the concept of strategic planning in public administration. The historical evolution of strategic planning in tracked through the field of public administration, and its contemporary application is scrutinized.

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