Strategic Thinking

1 January 2017

A learning model”, the authors shows that: Studies have recognized the absence of strategic thinking as a major lack in organizations performances (Casey;Goldman,2010) and that strategic thinking is an activity stipulated to benefit organizations (Casey;Goldman,2010). The purpose of the article is to bring awareness and to gain understanding of the development of strategic thinking to adult learners.

The authors adopted the current views of strategy and identified strategic thinking in action and the knowledge required to perform effective strategic thinking. The article emphasizes that each individual have different learning styles, habits, practices and display the importance of team structure. The authors concluded that “developing the ability to think strategically is one of the most needed yet least understood areas of management (Casey,Goldman,2010). ” Thinking strategically is vital for all organizational levels.

Using theoretical concepts and empirical findings a proposed model was created that relates to the view of strategy identification. Strengths and Weakness The strengths of the article is the information was very helpful. The highlights of the purpose, terms were candid and were relative throughout. Clarity about defining strategic thinking was expressed and easily identified. There could have been more examples of strategic thinking with more emphasis on the effectiveness.

Fairness in the article was framed in good viewpoints. Though in weakness precision could have been elaborated more throughout the article, more examples of strategic thinking in real life situations that can help readers gain a better understand of real life situations, which would bring more depth into the process and importance of strategic thinking. The purpose of this article is clear but some detail and facts that embodies needs more depth at the problem at hand on the effect of an organizations and the individual. In breadth there could have been another viewpoint of strategic thinking not only in management but in other parts of a organization.

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