Strategic Thinking

4 April 2015
The research paper provides an in-depth discussion of the effects of adopting a strategic thinking mindset on the policies and efficiency of companies.

The paper discusses the effects of adopting a strategic thinking mindset, on the policies and overall efficiency of the organization. It has discussed in detail the core issues necessary for the development of a strategic thinking mindset. The paper examines how strategic thinking is a very effective tool in bringing improvements to organizations’ ability to conduct business and helps the management to direct the company policies in the right direction for the achievement of short and long term goals.
Strategic thinking is a company’s ability to demonstrate a close understanding of the capabilities, nature and potential of the business and successfully deciding on what steps should be taken and why any particular initiative should be taken. The process of strategic thinking involves such crucial activities like calculated risks on the basis of clear understanding and knowledge of societal, economic, technical, environmental and political issues.

The general concept of strategic thinking, as defined by the management experts, is that it is a process involving the formulation of a vision and developing a sequence of strategic measures and actions in order to bring that vision to a reality. When a company aims to achieve these objectives the primary area of concern should be to create an environment of team work and community. Employee involvement for achieving competitive advantage is one of the key strategies of a company for future growth. The importance of this strategy can be well understood by realizing the fact that in an environment where there is no team spirit and sense of community, the company will not be able to gain maximum output from all of the employees and only those who are smart enough to work individually will work productively.

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