Strategies for Better Communication and Behavior

For example, a child within my setting has an expressive language difficulty, he gets the order of words mixed up, and sometimes has problems of sequencing for example, during a conversation with this child he said “Her Is my friend” I acknowledged what he salad and repeated It back to him In the correct way “she Is your friend” by the use of modeled imitation can really help the child to whereby the adult uses language so that the child can imitate. This then can be further built upon and expanded by the use of indirect modeling and expansion of vocabulary in the setting.Strategies we use with a child that has a hearing impairment include, reducing the noise level in the environment so that it enhances the opportunities for conversation and background noise does not compete or compromise the child’s opportunity to communicate. We use objects of reference, this Is a great way of communicating with a child with a hearing or speech impairment and gives the child an idea of what Is bout to happen, for example, I gave a child with SLID a cup and showed them the Jug of water so they knew It was time for water and a snack.Also making sure that the child can see you properly because seeing each other’s facial expressions can be very important when communicating and understand one another’s response. We also explain to the other children of the setting that a child with a hearing impairment may need to be tapped on the shoulder to gain attention and to make sure they face the child when talking.

Strategies we use when engaging with a child hat has a stammer would be, giving them time to think and to respond to questions or instructions.Allowing them time to finish what they are saying to you rather than finishing off their sentences for them. I would never pressure the child to speak or read aloud as this puts them on the spot, embarrasses them and will affect their self- confidence and self-esteem. Providing them with lots of opportunities to listen and speak. Strategies we use for a child who Is autistic Is, to have clear rules and boundaries, a high level of structure and routine In the setting and use of clear, recipe language accompanied with visual aids.Children on the autistic spectrum PECS and Megaton to assist in addressing their communication needs. The use of TEACH stations is also a good means of support.

I always try to be a good role model in the use of language as this will give a child/children the opportunity to imitate and therefore support language skills and development. Indeed positive adult support has a huge impact on the child’s speech and language skills as well as affecting their behavior, emotional and social development.

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