Strategies of Containment ( John Lewis Gaddis )

4 April 2015
Critical review of 1982 work on origins & evolution of containment of Soviet Union from WWII through 1970s. Military planning, Cold War ideology, leadership, geopolitics and detente.

The doctrine of containment of the Soviet Union, first set forth in detail in a celebrated article by George Kennan in the late 1940s, was the essential strategy of the United States during the Cold War era. In its most essential terms, containment as a doctrine argued that an ultimate confrontation with the Soviet Union was neither inevitable nor necessary; that if the United States and its allies could hold their ground and buy time, that would in the end be sufficient.

Strategies of Containment ( John Lewis Gaddis ) Essay Example

Events, indeed, have borne out Kennan’s argument. Well into the 1980s, the Cold War still appeared as though it might persist indefinitely. But from 1985 on, the Soviet system collapsed from its own internal tensions, nearly bloodlessly and indeed all but effortlessly. A final confrontation did indeed prove unnecessary; containment succeed in its objectives, albeit after..

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