Street Life

Bryan Ferry, whether solo or with Roxy Music, has produced some of the most influential music in the last twenty years with 17 albums to date. And now, the top-off: an anthology. Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry ,” Street Life.” Spanning 19 years of ground-breaking music, this collection pulls no punches. Beginning with “Virginia Plain,” the album wastes no time shifting into high gear. On the first half of the album, you would no doubt recognize most of the melodies, not from the original songs, but from more recent sound-alikes from the Fine Young Cannibals, Milli Vanilli, Samantha Fox and many others. Any of the songs from the two albums released in ’78 and ’80 could be popular today. Indeed, Ferry’s “The Bride Stripped Bare,” and Roxy Music’s “Flesh and Blood” set the tone for the British and American music scenes. Finishing with a never-before release of a re-make of “Jealous Guy,” the album leaves you wanting. There is a cure for this: Ferry’s 1987 album, “Bete Noire.” All digitally re-mastered on CD, “Street Life” truly does justice to the originator of modern music, Bryan Ferry.

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