Streets of Gold by 3OH!3

Well. 3OH!3 USED to be one of my favorite bands for a long time, i remember when first heard a few songs of their self titled album a few days before WANT was released. WANT was amazing and near perfect; and with high expectations for Streets of Gold, i was thoroughly disappointed with the direction of their music. I listened to the album all the way through (none of that 30 second sample on iTunes) and i was heartbroken. After they they releasesd singles like: “My First Kiss” with Ke$ha, Deja Vu, Touchin On My, and Double Vision, should have given me a fair warning of their change of style, but i refused to believe it. The quality of music of Streets of Gold is phenominal and the lyrics are the same toungue-in-cheek, and funny lyrics i fell in love with when they started out. Don’t get me wrong ITS GOOD MUSIC, just not my taste.. It gives me that feeling that, “If i listened to this in middle school, id be the coolest kid ever” The song, Touchin On My was MADE for middle schoolers. I rememebr listening to Holla Till You Pass Out and Chokechain, and getting so crunk I forgot what day it was. Streets of Gold has almost completely lost that element of fun and energy, and they aren’t the same band thousands of people previously fell in love with. It’s sad how the only crunk elements i heard on the album was the INTRO! (for crying out loud!) and I Can do anything. if you like the old 3OH!3 better than the new one, buy I Can Do anything and if you have the patience to warm-up to it, Love 2012

Overall: Streets of Gold is very immature and commerercial. It sounds clique, but they need to come back to their roots for the sake of 75% percent of their fans.

Rating: 6/10

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