Strength and Weaknes

10 October 2016

By completing this task students will be able to: • Use negotiation and interpersonal skills to collect strengths and weaknesses statements that apply to them. • Demonstrate an awareness of themselves. Preparation and Materials • Copies of Info Sheet “Strengths And Weaknesses” for each student or one between two. A set of “Strengths And Weaknesses” cards per group. These should be shuffled to avoid all blank cards coming together in a pack. Method 1. Give out copies of the Info Sheet to students. 2. Explain the aim of the exercise using the learning outcomes on the Info Sheet. 3. Put the students into secure groups of up to 8 members and issue a set of cards to each group. 4. Remind the students before starting that they can “pass” if asked to reveal something they do not wish to talk about. 5.

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Run through the explanation of the card game with them. 6. Observe and support the groups as they play the game. . Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson. 8. Summarise the main learning outcomes. Extension Activity • Encourage students to write their strengths and weaknesses in the Personal Education Plan (PEP). • Remind the students of the Key Skills. ask each group to select one strength/weakness card for each Key Skill. Learning Outcomes: By completing this task you will be able to: • Use negotiation and interpersonal skills. • Select strengths and weaknesses which apply to you. • Show that you know your true self.  Strengths And Weaknesses Your teacher will give your group a set of cards. • Your group must appoint a dealer who shuffles, deals one card to each of you and then puts the remaining cards in a pile face down on the table. •

Think about the card you have been given and how it reflects your personality, as either a strength or a weakness. If the card means something to you keep it. • Starting to the left of the dealer each member of the group, in turn has the chance to reject their card and put it face down underneath the pile, and replace it with another from the top of the pile. If you get a blank card you can write in strengths or weaknesses of your choice. • Then, in turn each one of you has to pick up another card which you can either keep or out back under the pile and replace it with another from the top until all the cards are picked up.

You can only reject one card in each turn. • The exercise is complete when all the cards have been used, although it is likely that some cards may not be acceptable to anyone. • Everyone in the group then shows their selection of cards to the rest of the group and, in turn, each of you explains your choice of strengths and weaknesses cards. Other members of the group may ask you to give examples e. g. • Honest – found $5. 00 and handed it in to the school office • Ambitious – want to compete in the Olympics • Indecisive – took an hour to decide what to wear last Saturday • When you have all had your turn, discuss any changes you would like to make to your selections.

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