Strengths in Writing

My strengths in writing are being able to pick my own topic to write about. When I have prior knowledge of a topic, writing becomes easier for me. When I know what I’m talking about and am interested in what I’m talking about, I tend to write more. Writing poems is a good example. When writing poems, everything Just flows together for me. They don’t have to rhyme, or even make sense for that matter.

Poems could also be metaphors.They are your own experiences, Ideas, or emotions characterized y the use of language chosen for Its sound and suggestive power and also by the use of literary techniques. My vocabulary Is moderate I would say. I keep a dictionary close by when I’m writing! When I hear new words when talking with friends and Interaction with customers at work, I repeat the word and Its definition so I will remember It. When I’m writing, I usually misspell the “commonly misspelled words”. Isn’t It Ironic?!I use the wonderful method they taught us In elementary school, mound out the word. But when It comes to long words with lots of confusing vowels that don’t belong there, I resort to my dictionary.

A dictionary can’t help me out with the organization of ideas though so I organize my ideas by grouping them together into similar topics and order of importance. Grammar is most likely my strongest weakness. I never know when to change topics or how to begin or end the paper. I don’t always use proper punctuation.All I can say is thank god for spell check and rammer check! Speaking in public is nerve racking for me. I think that in order to confidently give a speech you need to be confident with yourself. If I’m not entirely confident with myself, I’m going to wonder things such as “what are they thinking of what I’m saying? Do they agree or disagree? Do they understand where I’m coming from? ” Because I am aware of my weakness, they are going to stand out more in my mind during public speaking.

But we will leave my self confidence for another essay.

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