To inform my audience about how they can manage their stress. Introduction Attention Material: In less than a week Deanna here had to study for 3 major exams which were scheduled back to back. She had to compose a final paper for this course plus do two physics assignments. This must have been overwhelming for her. Tie to the audience: We’ve all had days or weeks when we felt like the whole world was on our shoulders.

That week when we had assignments to hand in, essays to write and 2 or 3 tests on the same day. This situation probably had some of us thinking that the lecturers had setup that week for us. There are days when you probably thought when does It end! Credibility material: I’m Interested In the topic of stress management because as a college student I’m faced with all different kinds of stress. This week being one of those times. Preview/Theses: Today I will provide you with some important and useful information about student stress. Specifically I will iscuss the causes, effects and means of diminishing the negative impacts of stress. Transition: Let us first define stress.

] l. Definition of stress 1 . According to the oxford English dictionary, stress is a state of mental and emotional strain. [Translator: Now that we have an Idea of what stress Is let us look at some causes. ] II. Three main causes of student stress. A.

The amount of schoolwork. B. Pressure to do well. C. Financial difficulties. [Transition: We have now covered the sources of stress, let’s continue with the effects. ] Ill.

In a lot of cases stress has a huge negative Impact on the student’s health. A. Stress causes depression and exhaustion B.It can also cause different health problems such as headaches, stomachaches and heart attacks. C. Stress can also lead to weight loss and alimentary disorders. Relievers.

] ‘V. Managing stress: A. Exercise or physical activity. B. Sleep C. Stop smoking and other bad habits D. Relax [Transition to conclusion: We have now covered all the points; let us review what we did today.

] Conclusion Final Review: A. . We discussed main causes of student stress. We discussed some effects of stress. 2. We discussed methods for dealing with student stress. .

B.Tie back to the audience: If you have not yet experienced stress, you will eventually. Some of us will move on to university where it will be more difficult. Some of us will seek Jobs and it won’t always be easy. Some of us might have kids and you should not let them make you crazy. C. Concluding remarks: I agree that college is a stressful time of life for many of us.

But if you take control and work on relieving stress, you can really enjoy student life to the fullest and you won’t be nearly as confused and stressed. D. Clincher: Enjoy your school life, fail the stress test.

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