Structured Query Language

4 April 2015
The following paper examines the computer language, SQL which stands for “Structured Query Language” and shows how this computer language allows a user to pose complex questions of a database.

This paper examines how SQL is designed to work with relational databases and contends that it is essential to understand the nature of relational databases to understand both the way in which SQLs work and why there is a need for SQLs to begin with.

From the paper:

“It should be noted that there are related variations on SQL statements. For example, instead of using an SQL statement, it is possible to represent queries in tabular form; this is also known as the query-by-example (or QBE) and it creates a display that is in empty tabular form, which then requires the searcher to enter the search specifications into appropriate columns. The program then constructs an SQL-like query from the table and executes it (http://cloud.

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