Nowadays, we see much more grown men and women acting cruel all over the world. “Human aggression and conflict are part of every society” . However, in order to know how to prevent aggression, we have to know what it Is first. Aggression Is the act of doing something willingly or involuntarily in order to hurt someone. It can be a self- defense or a voluntary act.

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There are different types of aggressions: verbal aggression (teasing physical aggression (fighting), social cruelty (ganging u pl hostile and instrumental aggression etc…. The topic of aggression has been argued by many psychologists for many years with different perspectives. Is aggression Innate or learned? Why do we act cruel? How can we prevent it? All these questions have been asked by many scientists and they got various responses too. This essay Is going to talk about aggression in our society and what we can do in order to reduce it.

The act of verbal aggression is a negative statement told to someone in order to hurt that person (, 2010). For example, when a spouse says to the other “you’re stupid and you deserve to die. Those kind of sentences hurt the insulted aggression can be when two kids are fighting at school. They use their bodies, their forces with the goal of harming one another by hitting and kicking. Bullying and rumoring are examples of social cruelty (Russel, 2008). The messages you get from social cruelty are that you don’t belong to group, there’s something wrong with you hence you can be pushed around (Pickhardt, 2010).

Thus, all these examples are the different ways people can get hurt in terms of aggression. The debate on aggression has lasted for many years. Some says that aggression is innate, such as Sigmund Freud, who said that each human has a reservoir of aggression in themselves (Levinson, 1994). Others, like Gordon Russell, say that it can be learned through society and games. According to Freud, aggression is innate in the fact of a five years old boy is more close to his mother rather thanhis father, and it’s the opposite for the little girl.

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He states that the girl wants to have a sexual and intense relationship with his dad, which will lead to the view of the mother as a competitive rival and vice versa for the boy. The child will start tobe violent and aggressive with the opposite parent. This reaction is also called the frustration theory (Smith, 2008). However, scientists do not really believe in Freud’s theory. Moreover, biologists believe that aggression is sometimes innate by mutation of the MAO (monomania oxidate), called warrior gene. The MAO is an enzyme that displays, melatonin and adrenalin in the body.

This mutation causes the syndrome, which is a psychological disease (, 2013) Therefore, aggression in that case is an involuntary act, in which case is innate, because the person affected has different genes. The social learning aggression theory states that aggression is learned from observing aggressive models and from receiving and/or expecting payoffs following aggression (, 1973). For example, aggression can be learned through imitating if parent’s fight and struggle at home every day, the child will start acting like them.

Violent games can also influence an aggressive behavior (Russell, 2008)). Fourteen years ago, Dylan and Eric Harris shot more than 20 people at Columbine high school. According to CNN NEWS, they used to play many violent games online. Therefore, young children who play violent games experience an increase in physiological signs of aggression consequently. Males tend to be violent and aggressive; they are traditionally not supposed to cry and act like women who are considered to be sweeter and kinder. As Malcom said to Macduff in Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “Dispute it like a man”.

Therefore, men are conditioned to be aggressive, contrary to women who are conditioned to be nice and caring (Mediasmarts, Men and Masculinity). Aaggression is also used as a positive reinforcement. For example, if you give a child a toy to stop him from doing bad things, the toy will reinforces that behavior. This toy supports the action that leads he child to do bad things in order to get another toy. The theory is if after behaving aggressively then receiving positive reinforcement, you are likely to repeat the same behavior in order to regain more compensations (Bourhenne, Ppositive reinforcement, 2008).

Reasonably, if one day, the energy and the resources unavailable such as, electricity, water and food, after at least three weeks, people will start to kill each other, steal, and eat anything they find in order to survive because no one wants to die. This is the survival instinct (Scott, 1973). In the bible, it says that in the beginning unman life needed. Once there are no resources left on earth, we cool potentially start acting like animals without control. Man has the power to choose to be logical and reasonable.

The most obvious case is the fight or flight response. When humans are faced with danger or stress, a logical and biological trigger helps us decide whether to stay and fight or get the heck out of there/flight (Alpert, 1961). Undoubtedly for children, harsh punishment provides a model of aggression and does not prevent a child from engaging in the forbidden behavior when the child is unsupervised (Rutsch, kids can fly). However, the threat of mild punishment does seem to reduce the bullying behavior.

For example, when you physically punish your child for bad behavior, the parent gives the child a bad example possibly turning the child into an aggressive person too. Corporal punishment could also cause bigger repercussion on the child. Giving non corporal punishment instead not only teaches the child a lesson in a more passive approach. On the adults’ side of things, they must learn how to communicate and manage anger; the person who caused the frustration to the other one has to take the responsibility to apologize, and indicate it won’t happen again.

At school, teachers can teach their students to build up empathy because it has been proved that not only empathy reduces aggressiveness but also can increase self-esteem, generosity, and positive attitudes. (Rutsch, kids can fly) In our modern society, reducing aggression would be a great advantage because parent’s would know that their children are safe and away from any form of aggression at school. Additionally, we would have had a better world because everyone would be happy and get along with each other much more easily. Innate aggression is an exception.

However, we would have to find a way to keep these people out of their state of anger and fury. Nevertheless, as we are living in a world where good and evil seems to be infinite, aggression will keep going on in future generations. Will we ever find a true way to break the cycle? Works Cited Allport, Gordon W. Pattern and growth in personality New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961. Print Apter, Michael J. The experience of motivation: the theory of psychological reversals London: Academic Press, 1982. Print. Bandura, Albert. Aggression: a social learning analysis. Englewood Cliffs, N.

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