Student Beliefs and the Teaching of Argument

Even sometimes, as long as teachers tell them what is right, they will go to the exactly opposite direction on purpose. So, for a teacher, finding the balance point in the persuasion dialogue is very important. Moreover, my second thought was that is it really necessary to persuade students? In my opinion, the liberty of thought is critically important for academic achievements. Sometimes, those safe arguments will not lead to a positive progress to the society.

Change is what keeps us from becoming stagnant, makes our life moving to a new level and allows us to achieve something we never thought about, the greatness we desire and deserve. Therefore, from my point of view, as long as the view of the student have is not too extreme or evil, there is no need to persuade them to get another argument for their writing assignment. 2) The article was originally published on a conference paper at the connections conference, hosted by the faculty of education at uvic in 2000. The author Roy Graham is a professor in uvic.

Finally, the article is basically a inform that introducing a new teaching approaches about increasing the ability of students’ writing skill. 3) The first significant detail I found is in the section “argument of persuasion dialogue”, second paragraph. It said in his students’ paper, he found out they have a difficult time to breakthrough from the element of data, claim and warrant. So they are not able to make their argument like Toulmin’s model states, generative and heuristic. The reason why it struck me is because it is very true among students.

Students nowadays are a little bit confine themselves, as long as they formed their own prospective, it is difficult to breakthrough their default concept. Through argument with teacher or friend, students are able to gain different sources from different type of people. Students would become more comprehensive; therefore, they can go beyond the basic data, claim and warrant writing a better article. The second detail I found is in the section “Point of view and commitment store” the third paragraph. Sandra could not understand that “abortion is killing” because of her religion.

Lily was also believe that abortion was wrong, but after she became a mother herself and felt humiliated after being asked to get the tuba ligation permission from her husband, she started to believe that our own body should not be control by anyone. And it was true to Tanya. I found this tree example very memorable because it perfectly shows how personal experience changes people’s opinion. It also further supports the author’s idea that argument is the main reason that people change their prospective. 4) I think the whole article is quite difficult to me.

This is an article about education and I don’t have any past experience in this field. Some of the point he made is not really making sense to me. For example, how the persuasion dialogue works? By arguing with student, trying to force them to change their point of view? Or it is just like a regular discussion? Moreover, I think another reason why I found this article very difficult is because I do not fully agree that there is a thing called “teaching method”. In my opinion an opinion that ones hold is not the easy to be change, nobody can change their prospective or ttitude unless they want to. 5) In this article, Roy Graham claim that student nowadays cannot write article very well because of the self-confident they built and their attitude and beliefs. So he tries to use a new method, argument as persuasion dialogue, to address this problem. I think it is a good idea, because some of the students’ beliefs are actually wrong. Through this method, mostly talking and arguing with their teachers, they can gain benefits from it and make their article more meaningful and provocative.

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