Student Information Access System and Sms Technology

5 May 2017

Student Information Access System and SMS technology Features: Student ID card The student ID card displays the students name and ID number, year, course and section, and the date of issue. New students are encourage obtaining an ID card upon matriculation and are provided an initial no cost. Incoming freshmen are typically notified during the summer that they may send a photo in advance so that their Student ID card is ready when they arrive on campus. Database administrator * Administrates database * Monitors security on servers * Manages updates to school/students Automatic SMS Reporting

Campus/school Auto Attendance automatically notifies the parents of their students’ attendance violations through SMS. At the prompt, the parents will have the option to leave SMS back excusing the students’ absences. Login as Student When a student enter his id and password, then he can visit all the following pages 1. Attendance: the student can get all his attendance (present and absent). 2. Profile: he will get information like student id, student name, and father name, date of birth, nationality, city, address, country, and phone number. If he wants then he can change the profile 3.

Time table: this show all the information on which day, which room, which class will be held at which time. 4. Fee: this show all your balances, fees structure semester and annual fee. Login as Administrator The administrator will enter his username and password, then he will enter in to the administrator page and this page consists of the following: 1. Add student In this registration form the administrator of the college/university/institute will enter the details of the students who are pursuing their education. The students detail like student id, name, password, father name, date of birth, etc. . Delete Student The administrator can delete the whole student information by clicking the link. By providing the user id of the student, the student information can be deleted. Scope: The systems handle information such as applications to enrol, collection of fees, class scheduling, and reporting and data functionality. Each day the students will register their attendance, the server will download the attendance data at a pre-set time. It will process the attendance and send a set SMS message to the parents/guardians of the absentee student via SMS gateway server.

The system also allows school authorities to send SMS alerts to parents/guardians regarding special events and emergencies. Delimitation: High security is needed to protect – especially in the case of universities – financial details, not to mention the other contact details of students. Personal information protection is a serious responsibility and heavily punishable by the law. Other problems or limitations include power supply and the storage capacity needed for the amount of students. The more students, the more data, and the more data means the more server processing power and memory that is required to make such a system work fully.

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