Student Record Keeper for Primary School

1 January 2017

SMS consists of school record tasks such as recording attendance,student’s profile and performance,making announcement and reminders and producing report cards. This system is managed by an administrator. It is the job of the administrator to insert, update and monitor the whole process. The user could only view details of the student that are permitted by the admin. He can’t perform any changes . Automation is the utilization of technology to replace human with a machine that can perform more quickly and more continuously . Theoretical Framework The theoretical framework of this research study has adopted the Input-Process-Output Approach to justify the expected goals of the study. The following is a brief discussion of the three frames of reference about the student’s records for alternative primary schools. Input consists of students of primary school and student’s records in school, aspects such as number code and information about the students specifically the attendance, performance and profiles, report card and announcements.

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Student Record Keeper for Primary School
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Process consists of RFID that identifies the student’s information, program and textual presentation of the result. The expected outcome of this research study is the attainment of study objective such as student’s complete records and it can be send out via short message service thru parent by the permission of the administrator. -Statement of the Problem The elementary school are using paper based documentation system for performing various tasks which wastes manpower and much time unnecessarily that does not utilize the current technology.

Due to the inefficiency of the current manual system, the need arises to automate SMS in order to efficiently handle student’s attendance, to produce report cards and the various reports satisfying users and to inform the time and location of classes,school announcement and reminders. -Significance of the Study School Management System lies at the heart of best teaching and learning. It enables to plan,to organize and to create the best learning environment for each child. SMS is an effective tool for tracking contribution made by individual students in the classroom. or assessing students,for informing students and parents about growth over time, and for settings goals-by both students and teachers. Information from classroom record that has the approval of the homeroom teacher may be shared with parents throughout the year so they too can see specific examples of student progress. -Scope and Limitation of the study Scope ?This study aim to develop an School Management System for the elementary school, the system limits on the following fields and functions.

It limits to store the data of the student. Only authorized personnel will be allowed to use the system. To develop a SMS for primary school – that will address the student’s forms and other documentation. In addition, proponents would also want to lessen man-power workloads and minimize time consuming school record activities. This study will help the teachers, parents and student of the school making of student’s data to be recorded and improved. Limitation

The design proposed system will be limited about when the parent have an any question about their child’s record, the system will send them an appropriate respond and report with the permission of the admin. The proposed software will organize the school records of student. The teachers are the only ones who will have access to the system; they will encode the attendance, time and location of the lectures, performance, report card of students, reminders and announcement of the school. The software is password protected. It will store information and data; it has search options and has the ability to generate report.

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