Student Registration System

2 February 2017

This chapter reviews the relevant research made on online student registration used by different universities.

It includes important aspects in online registration like online registration system, online registration course and others. This chapter contains collective ideas and views of different authors. Online Student Registration System An online student registration system streamlines the application, registration, and monitoring of students in a school or training institute. Why Use Online Registration?According to Morris Wall (1990) : Online registration systems are websites that allow users to sign up for memberships, events and training by completing a form. Online registration systems are replacing manual processes, such as registering by telephone, mail or at events using paper forms. What Is an Online Course Registration System? According to Wells (2001): Many universities and educational institutions have a wide range of courses, students and faculty. Combine this with the need to conserve resources, and it makes sense to computerize the registration process.

Student Registration System Essay Example

Registering for classes on line reduces paperwork, personnel, and costs. A Student Registration System According to Ralph E. Johnson (1996): Many of you register for courses online. The computer knows all the courses that are available each semester and also knows which ones you are taking. It makes sure that you can’t register for too many courses, that you can’t take the same course twice, that you have taken the prerequisites, and that a course is not oversubscribed. A registration system has many users. You have probably only seen the system from the point of view of a student.

You want to know what courses you signed up for, and maybe how many more hours you need to take to have a full load. But you don’t need to know who is signed up for a particular course. This is only needed by teachers. How to Hire an Online Registration Service According to an eHow Contributo (2001), every business holds events. Most events are of a serious business-related variety. However, some others are of more of a social setting. Both types of events have one thing in common though, registering.

It is counterproductive to dedicate a great chunk of your day answering calls about the company event.Today, more companies are using online registration as a way for those to commit to attending events. What is an online course? According to K. Shrivastava ( 2009), an online course is a regularly scheduled course where the Internet is sometimes utilized for lectures, homework, labs, and tests. There are two formats of online courses, fully online (asynchronous) and partly online (hybrid) Course Registration System According to Emma Boroson (1990), this Course Registration System is a web-based program aimed to make easier and more convenient the class registration process, a hassle through which students go every semester.As it stands, here at Brown University, in order to officially register for classes, each student must fill out a course registration form manually, bring it to the Registrar’s Office at University Hall, stand in line (often for upwards of twenty to thirty minutes), and finally have the form officially approved and stamped. In order to change anything about one’s current schedule, such as dropping or adding a class, changing grade option, or showing official permission from a professor, the student must go through the same tedious process.

Disadvantages of online registration systemUsing online registration has many advantages for event planners and event participants. This is especially true when an online registration system can help deal with collecting event fees. There are several different payment options to consider when setting up your online registration system and each has advantages and disadvantages for different types of events. Advantages to Taking Your Event Registration Online According to Nick Davis ? 2010? , with an increasingly competitive events industry and all of the work that goes into hosting a marathon, many event rganizers are looking for innovative ways to streamline their workload and at the same time grow their event’s prestige and overall participant satisfaction. While the growing trend is to take all aspects of event management online with event registration software, many event organizers are still wary that that their participants will be scared away at the thought of submitting their data online. Here are some advantages to going with online registration that may put your mind at ease..

. 1. Quick and easy registration for the participant.Paper registration requires the entrant to download the form and print it or pick up a copy from the event office, fill it out, write a cheque, and then either pay postage to mail it back or get in their car to drop it off. 2. Automatic confirmation emails. The average turn-a-round time from the day a paper entry form is received to when the entrant gets a confirmation of registration can take days or even weeks.

Events accepting paper registration forms may spend a good portion of their work day answering phone calls and emails from registrants curious to hear if their cheque and information has been received.Most online registration software will automatically send a follow-up email to the participant notifying them that their payment has been received and space reserved in the event. 3. Online data submission is secure. Having said this, there are always exceptions and I would strongly suggest that when you shop around for an online registration provider, you should inquire about their security standards and the safeguards they have put in place to guarantee that your participant’s data is held in a secure environment. 4. Real-time reports.

One of the complaints that most event organizers have is that they never know how many people will be showing up to the event until the very last days of the registration period. 5. Using less paper is good for the environment. This may seem a bit trivial, but with the growing trend of people altering their daily lives to reduce their personal impact on the environment, more and more event organizers are also doing their part and in the process finding that “Going Green” and eliminating their paper entry forms is appealing to the athlete community.Advantages of online registration system Every time one of your customers registers online, you save time by not having to manually enter a registration and your customers enjoy the convenience of registering in their own time. Many clients have achieved extremely high online registration rates – some 90% or higher. We have compiled their knowledge to bring you our top ten tips to grow your online registration What is Online Enrolment? According to David Tufte? 2006, ? Enrolment is where you check, confirm and update your personal information held by the University.

You will also need to accept the University’s regulations. You’ll also be able to review your programme and core module information. How do I know when I should use the online enrolment system? For new students you’ll receive an email with your user name and password when you accept your place at Durham, at this point you can use the system. For continuing students you’ll be sent an email shortly before the system is due to open. What is verification of identity? If you are a new student you are required to provide your College with proof of your identity when you arrive on campus.If you are not a member of a College, this process will be carried out with your department. However, there are a small number of postgraduate programmes where this process is dealt with by the department regardless of college membership.

These programmes are mostly distance learning, distance taught or where teaching is carried out at weekends only. Registration Time Each student is assigned a registration time period, during and after which you will be granted access to online registration. Students cannot register (either online or in person) prior to this time period.

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