Students Should Evaluate the Teachers

1 January 2017

Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Teaching is one of the most important jobs. People who exercise this work should have some characteristics that allow them to success in taking student to a high level of education. A lot of methods are available to schools in order to evaluate their teachers, but I advocate totally the method that allows students to evaluate their own teachers . Firstly, the students are the only direct receiver of the work of their teachers.

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Students Should Evaluate the Teachers
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When teachers give their courses, they address to students. Schools can not evaluate teachers only by the results of the exams. Students can give more evaluation than just score. They can reveal about the behavior of their teachers on class and outside. As we know, the work of teachers does not consist only in giving lessons, but to help students in their studies, to communicate with them and advice them on the educational subjects. Secondly, some teachers need to be evaluated by their students to give more efforts.

If the teachers know that they will be evaluated by their students, they will endeavor to make their students more satisfied of them. They will be more creative in the way they teach and make the students understand better their lessons. Therefore, the more the students are satisfied of their teachers, the better the teachers are evaluated. Another reason for why schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers, is because schools should care about their students , not about their teachers.

It is well known that schools are for students. If the students do not appreciate their teachers, how can they appreciate their studies . Teachers who are bad evaluated by their students have the possibility to change the schools where they work, or change their work. Students who do not appreciate their teachers have rarely the possibility to change their schools. Some people think that when teachers are evaluated by their students, they can create a feel of a fear.

I think that the teacher who gives all what they can and deal with their students in the best way have nothing to worry about. When teachers put the students in the centre of their preoccupation, they will wish to be evaluated by them. Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers , and integer them in making the decision about their teachers. This approach give more importance to students and it will shows more positive results in their education.

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