5 May 2017

This is a really good class. I learned a lot of knowledge about reading, writing and grammar and I improved my language ability, especially writing in here. I also made friends with many people who come from variety countries in here. During this term my writing and reading abilities has dramatically increased, because each week I write two Journals and study many new vocabularies from class. Writing Journal and studying new vocabulary is a good way to help me to improve my writing skill, it hould be stayed same.

Moreover, the instructor shows students many basic knowledge, such as grammar which is very important to learn for us. In this class I did many practice about grammar, it is very useful. However, in the class, I think students should be given more time to discuses and communicate, because I think team working is a very good way to learn and review.

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I also would like added more homeworks, because it will give students more pressure to study and improve our writing ability. I really like this class and I enjoin it and it helps me a lot.

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