Study Guide For Double Helix Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Part I: Due Friday. January 25th 2013. Type or Hand Write in Ink.
Research Huntington’s disease and reply these inquiries. ( 10 platinums ) a.
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What is Huntington’s Disease
B. How is it caused on a familial degree? Be specific about the chromosome # . familial mutant. dominant or recessionary. and opportunity of inheriting the upset. c. What are symptoms?
d. Is at that place a remedy? What are interventions?
**Include citations from at least 2 dependable beginnings.

Study Guide For Double Helix Essay Sample Essay Example

Part II: Due ______________________ . Reading Guide Questions and Essay *Be certain to include page Numberss and quotation marks from the novel. when appropriate. to guarantee a complete reply and full recognition.
1. What is the connexion between what Wyatt Transgenics Company does and the mention to the amusing “The Swamp Thing” ? ( 2 platinums ) The connexion between Wyatt Transgenics and the comedian is that in the company they alter organism’s cistrons and that’s what had happened to the Swamp Thing ( pg 64 ) 2. What does the term “transgenic” mean? ( 2 platinums )

Transgenic is when an being is altered by holding a cistron from another species transferred into the original being. ( pg 64 ) 3. How do the scientists make the animate beings develop the coveted proteins? How do scientists entree the proteins? Supply the 3 exact inside informations. ( 4 platinums ) The scientist make the proteins by giving the coneies the transgenic cistrons. so in the coney the cistrons make the coneies produce the proteins in their milk. and so they milk the coneies and sublimate the proteins out of the milk. ( pg 67 ) 4. How can the proteins from the animals’ milk be used? ( 2 platinums ) The proteins can be used for interventions for arthritis and malignant neoplastic disease and several other conditions that affect the immune system. ( pg 67 ) 5. When was proving for Huntington’s disease foremost made legal? Explain how Eli’s parents were able to acquire him tested. ( 2 platinums ) Huntington’s disease was foremost made legal in 1968. Eli’s parents were able to acquire him tested so immature because they said it was Eli’s father acquiring tested because he was over 18. 6. Based on the novel. what is a Chimera? ( 2 platinums )

A Chimera is a being that is created by a recombination of Deoxyribonucleic acid from different beginnings. ( pg 189 ) 7. How does the term Chimera relate to Eli and Kayla? ( 2 platinums ) The term Chimera relates to them because both of them were made because Eli’s ma had Huntington’s so they “made” both of the childs. 8. What is the familial marker for Huntington’s disease? ( 2 platinums ) The familial marker for Huntington’s is huntingtin.

9. Should the Acts of the Apostless of Dr. Wyatt be considered legal? Why or why non? ( 4 platinums ) Yes. because it was for the interest of non acquiring Huntington’s. It should be legal because that manner Eli would non hold had to fight through the disease. 10. What are the names of the bases notated as C-A-G? ( 2 platinums ) The names are cytosine-adenine-guanine.

11. Make you hold with the handicapped adult male mentioned in the epilogue? Why or why non? ( 4 platinums ) Yes. because he says there is nil incorrect with holding down’s syndrome so why would people desire to halt this disease because they don’t harm anyone. 12. If you were in Eli’s place. would you take to be tested for Huntington’s? Explain why or why non with points mentioned in the book. ( 6 platinums ) I would state yes. Even though I would be afraid to cognize the truth its better to cognize in front of clip alternatively of it merely get downing to go on one twenty-four hours. Besides because he would desire to protect the kids he would hold. 13. Describe how Dr. Wyatt made certain that Ava’s babe would be negative for Huntington’s disease. There are 2 specific stairss. ( 2 platinums ) He made certain by taking her eggs and happening which 1s would non hold the cistron and so infixing the sperm that would be besides non hold the cistron.

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