Study Habit

5 May 2017

The Problem and its Background Introduction Study habit is defined as the regular tendencies and practices that one depicts during the process of gaining information through learning. In short, it is the way that you study. It includes time management or how much time you afford in studying, your desk, the lightings, what subject you start on studying, whether you study with or without music, do you take down notes or not, do you sit or lie down, etc. Despite the fast pacing growth of technology which made information readily vailable, still, studying is a must especially for students.

Since time immemorial, people have been studying and different techniques have been employed. Some were effective, some were not. This leads us to a question of whether or not study habits affect learning. Does it have an impact on our academic performance? For students studying is not Just an option, it is a must.

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For it is said that there are no brilliant students, Just conscientious ones. Bombarded with loads of paper works and several assignments, it is never an easy task to be a student. However, to graduate, these difficulties must be overcome.

It is up to the student to adjust. He must study. This leads us to our next question of how much impact does a study habit have on the academic performance of a student? According to Fielden in 2004, good study habits help the students in critical reflection in skills outcomes such as selecting, analyzing, critiquing, and synthesizing. (“The effect of Study Habits on the Academic Performance of Freshmen Education Students in Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City School Year 2008-2009”). Following the view of Fielden, there is an effect, however, are his findings applicable to all?

Is it applicable even to students, regardless of age, gender, year level and courses? Does it also apply to accountancy students which is one of the most complicated field of expertise? This study aims to answer all the aforementioned questions. This prompted the researcher to conduct a study about the effects of study habit in the academic performance of a BSA student. Topic: Students Title: The effect of study habits on the academic performance of BSA students Statement of the Problem This proposal aims to know the effects of study habits on the academic performance of a BSA student.

Specifically, it answers the following questions: 1 . How may the respondents be described in terms of: 1. 1 Age; 1. 2 Gender; and 1. 3 Year level? 2. What study habit do they employ? 3. How do the respondents perform in the core subjects: 3. 1 English; 3. 3 Science; and 3. 4 Accounting? 4. How do these study habits affect the respondents? Assumption All gathered data are valid and reliable 1 . BSA students employ different techniques in studying which they find effective. 2. They perform well in the core subjects since they have to do a better Job in order for them to stay in the program.

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