Study Objective

7 July 2018

How would getting this scholarship help you when you return with community development or benefiting Indonesian society? What are your future plans after receiving this degree? Be specific with your career goals. Explain how your degree and knowledge in the field will benefit the community or society at large. Mention any social/community activities that you might be involved in upon your return Do not show self-interest and self- achievement in career DO’S Give yourself plenty of time to write and edit.

Read the question carefully. Write the length of essay they ask for.As much research on the university as you can. Accentuate your positive qualities. Mention your positive achievements as they apply to your graduate admission. Do’s Mention your work experience, or volunteer work that you may have done or extra-curricular activities if they relate to your field. Be definite in your application.

Make sure your essay is well-organized and everything is linked with continuity and focus.

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Study Objective
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Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization carefully. Ask as many others as possible to proofread your work for writing style?grammar, spelling, etc.Do multiple drafts and edits Don’t Flatter the university. Be phony or dishonest about yourself. Use empty, vague, overly-used words like meaningful, beautiful, challenging rewarding etc. Use overly common phrases and nonspecific information.

Repeat information from the application unless you use it to illustrate a point. Try to be funny?humor can backfire. Don’t use statements like “I’ve always wanted to be a or other overly common phrases. Make excuses, but you can talk about the mistakes you’ve made as a learning experience. Use slang, technical jargon, or long quotations.

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