Study plan

6 June 2017

When I studied at high school, I was highly interested in mathematics then it caused to choose this profession. I coordinated with my professor well , studying actively. Why I choose America? The USA is one of higher developed country and the most preference for human right. Also, I can to possess my occupation using theory and practice greatly therefore I chose America. I do hope, if I will graduate there, I not only will become specialist to e appreciated in my country, but also international range.

Studying in America can help me meet talented people from all of the world. That can broaden my horizons. Additional I like the climate and environment of America. All this will help me achieve my future career goal of continuing my father business and enhancing to get transnational corporation thus it will make me more skillful and reach my dreams. I have many nice dreams. Let me write about the most important dream of those and I must to reach one.

I go to Charity Center with my father by Children Right day annual which names “Children of sun” and is located in my native town. I see there, children how to dream and how to study and try reaching their dreams. Since I understood they need big help and support, I dreamt to contribute them definitely for becoming good people and living happiness. I will have “Charity Center” and take care more and more orphaned little kids. Since I became Mother, many kids are suffering same my son that I every think I want it more. study plan By EnJadiya

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