Social networks benefit us. Do you support this statement? As for me, I would say no. This is because social networks are meant for communication. Harrower, nowadays people are using social networks for other motive. For an example, social networks are used for business reasons. Penthouse, social networks can help us to communicate with our family members who are staying abroad, but at the same time we must think that how much it can help us to get closer.

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We must have been experienced hearing some people saying that social outworks help us to get closer with our abroad family members. But, in my experiencing, I absolutely don’t think so. I have many friends at my school. I think all of them at least have a social network account. Do you really think that all their family members (at least 1 per family) are staying away from their family? I don’t think so. So why is it every one of them having a social network account? Now we know that they are misusing the social networks for sure. In addition, as I know, most of my friends spend more than 4 hours in the social networks.

Even, I know a friend who has 2 social network accounts only for herself. If she is spending 4 hours in one account and another 4 hours in another account, how she can really have time to revise her studies? She is spending 8 hours only in social networks and has a very little time to have some rest and sleep. As a student, she is spending almost 6 hours in school and 18 hours in home and 8 hours from the 18 hours is gone for her social networks. So, how can she really do her home works, do some chores for her mother, revise her studies, get some sleep and rest, get ready for her school in only 10 hours.

Moreover, social networks also have worsened nowadays people’s attitude. It made people have no time to speak with their neighbors, relatives and friends. They thought social networks have made their life simple

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because we Just can type an “h'” to them through our social network account. The time we supposed spends with our friends or relatives are eaten by social networks. In the nutshell, having a social network account Just make our life enough miserable. Social network misusing can lead us to a harmful path. So, I Just hope that people will use social network account for the right purpose.

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