Studying a Foreign Language

6 June 2016

Granted, studying a foreing language may seem to children a little hard at the beginning, but it is wise to encourage them to start it as soon as they start school as they can learn it easier in that age. It also helps them develop their other abilities while adds to their personal enjoyment simultanously.

Studying a Foreign Language Essay Example

To begin with, children can learn a foreign language easier. First, studying a foreign language needs practice, which is ime consuming. Having much free time, children at that age can assign enough time to studying and learning the new language. Moreover, children’s mind is readier to learn another language.

I, for example, learned to speak persian and turkish when I was aged less than five without making any effort, just by listening to my parents’ conversations, but now I find learning French very hard probably because of my age. In addition, learning another language let them develop their abilities in other areas better as it doubles the resources to which he or she has access.

For example, they can get familiar with literature of that language, and present it for their classmates, or can take advantage from forign papers when they need to do a research as an assignment. Knowing another language indeed opens their eyes into a new worls which has many things to teach them. Last but not least, learning foreign language can add to children’s personal enjoyment.

Not only learning a forign language can be interesting for them, but also it increases their entertainment options. Children familiar with another language, specially an international language like English, can watch cartoons and read books in that lanuage.

Moreover, as many social networks have developed on the internet, they can find friends from all over the world. To sum up, Taking all the aforementiond points into account, the sooner children start to learn a foreign lanuage, the better. Addmitedly, it may look hard at the beginning, but parents can motivate their children by giving gifts or appreciating their new ability. Such motives let children forget about the hardship of studying.

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