9 September 2019

Except for the group’s name, which sets a poor example, the Barenaked Ladies are becoming role models for children worldwide. Let’s get this straight: they are not naked and they are definitely not ladies. However, what they are becoming is a top band. Teenagers are flocking to their concerts to see these guys perform. They are finally getting their chance in the spotlight after working hard and not being noticed.

With their release of “Stunt,” the Barenaked Ladies come out of the cellar of their music career. This album was one of the top sellers this summer and is still all over radio stations. This CD is a mix of music, including rock, country and rap. The idea was to attract more people to listen to their music. They accomplished that with their first single, “One Week.” This song became huge in a matter of weeks and was still in the top 40 recently. This snappy tune was one of their first rap songs and has become a success. However, it is not my favorite on the album. After hearing it a million times, it becomes rather annoying. My favorite on the album is “Light Up My Room.” This is a great song and I bet it will be a single soon. Another track is “Alcohol,” which mocks the use of alcohol. Another song I like is “Never Is Enough,” with the verse “How happy will you be when you earn a job at Wendy’s and are honored with Employee of the Month?”

I have enjoyed the CD a lot and still continue to listen to it on a regular basis. However, the Barenaked Ladies have one weakness: their song-writing ability. Many of the songs are hilarious, though some don’t make sense. I would give this album a B+. I would recommend seeing one of their live shows, too. They are superb in front of people, crack jokes, improvise on stage and have a fun time.

The Barenaked Ladies are talented musicians and have been producing great music for a long time. Their music makes you feel good. Believe me and give the Barenaked Ladies a chance. They’ll impress you.

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