Sublime: Second-Hand Smoke

The newly released album “Second-Hand Smoke”by the Long Beach, California band Sublime is completely mesmerizing.The album was manufactured by Gasoline Alley, a division of MCA records.This is the first Sublime album that has been released since the deathof lead singer Bradley Nowell, who died from an accidental heroinoverdose. In fact, the album itself was dedicated to Bradley’s son,Jakob James Nowell. Other great CDs by this band include “40 oz. toFreedom,” “Robbin’ the Hood” and their self-titledalbum. Compared to these three albums, “Second-HandSmoke” incorporates a substantial increase of turntables into themusic. This might be because Field Marshall felt more artisticallyindependent. Marshall also does a great job using percussion on some ofthe songs. One can’t help but be amazed at the guest appearances by GwenStefani and DJ Product. Product helps Marshall on turntables while Gwensings “Saw Red” with Bradley. This song was originally writtenby Barrington Levy and was called “She’s Mine.” This track isimportant because it is a good representation of Sublime’s respect forall types of music and how they try to incorporate different styles intotheir own songs. One cannot help but admire the artwork on thecover. Inside the book are pictures of bassist, Eric Wilson, and thedrummer, Bud Gaugh, on previous tours and also just hanging out having agood time. Sublime is known as one of those bands that you can justlisten to and relax. With their smooth flowing lyrics and rastafarianbeats, Sublime produces music for some that eases the mind and soul fora few minutes. Although Sublime’s music is a mix of reggae, rap and punkrock, it cannot be labeled as any of these. The only way you canproperly describe it is by listening and deciding for yourself. What issomewhat disturbing on this album are two terrible remixes of Sublime’sprevious hit, “Doin’ Time,” which have monotonous cuts fromother Sublime songs. All and all, “Second-Hand Smoke”by Sublime is a great album. With its increased clarity in bass and livesongs, this album gives every hard-core Sublime fan what they’ve alwaysbeen asking for – live songs and the uncut versions of old hits.

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