7 July 2019

This California-based ska/punk/reggae/rock band’s name says it all, Sublime. Their self-titled disc is pure excellence. The different styles of music combined with the assuaging voice of the late Bradley Nowell make this disk a masterpiece.

“Sublime” includes last summer’s hit “What I Got,” the popular “Santeria,” “Wrong Way,” and “Doing Time.” But it contains much more. Track one, “Garden Grove,” mixes reggae and rock into a soothing song describing the band’s problems. “Seed,” my personal favorite, is an unbelievable ska/rock song that will get anyone dancing. Other songs to check out on this marvelous CD include “Caress me Down,” “Jailhouse,” and “Same in the End.”

Some of their songs deal with the Rodney King riots that ripped through Los Angeles a few years ago. Sublime also sings about drug problems, relationships, and good old Lou Dog (the band’s Dalmatian).

Unfortunately for all Sublime fans, a tour is impossible due to the death of lead singer/guitarist Bradley Nowell, who lost his battle with a drug addiction when this album was released.

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If you’re a fan of different kinds of music, Sublime is for you. Anyone with an ear for music will appreciate the quality of this euphonious monument. .

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