Two hours of rigorous training every day in the weight room to finally make it to my goal. State Powerlifting Meet. My hard work and persistence in the weight room is paying off. When I get to lift my mind is scrambling with thoughts. Will I be able to lift that amount of weight? Will I do well? Will I get last?
The first lift is squat. 380 pounds. A personal record. The next lift is benching. 240 pounds. Another personal record. My final lift is deadlift. 455 pounds. Again a personal record. I feel good after all my lifts. I have done my best.
When I finish squatting, benching, and deadlifting, I look at the result board and find my name: Eric Mann 26 out of 31.
But I’m not disappointed. I have succeeded in my mind. I have improved in every aspect of all the lifts by setting personal records. I have come closer to success.
People think 26th place, why’s he so happy? But I was happy I improved. Other people might have given up and complained. But not me.
I’m not going to win at everything, but I will try my hardest to improve. Now I have to work even harder so I can go back to state and improve my personal records. Once I do that—even if I’m 26th out of 31—I will have achieved my goal. Success

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