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8 August 2016

Below is a free essay on “Succeed in Life, It Is Because of Hard Work. Being Lucky Has Nothing to Do with Success in Life. Do You Agree or Disagree with the Quotation Above? Give Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Position. ” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Success is a combination of many factors. Many believe that it is hard work that bring them success, others think that luck is more important. I totally agree with the quotation, because I believe that success comes from hard work, as Newton said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration”.

People often believe that luck is something that is beyond our control. How can we know when we get a big contract? How can we predict when our experiment give way for a new discovery? I disagree with this kind of belief. In my opinion, luck is the combination of events that occurs on a basis of probability. If that is true, we can increase our chance of meeting a positive outcome if we can improve the conditions. A bussiness man trying to contact as many customer as possible will surely have a greater chance of getting good contracts.

Success in Life Essay Example

He cannot just sit still in his office and wait for some kind of “luck”. How can a client contact him without he trying to broadcast himself first? In this case, “luck” is something that he can affect, at least to some extent. This also happen in the field of science. Many example, like the discovery of penicillin, is associated with luck. But I think that, what if Flemming is not a hard-working person? What if he not perform so much experiment as he did? He will not likely to have the spore land on his sample without performing so much experiment, with so much sample dishes.

So much that the chance for such an event become great enough to occur. I believe we can increase our chance of success by affecting the probability of good outcome, by improve the situation sothat we are more likely to have a “luck”. Another point that people often miss when appraise luck is the important of being prepared. Justin Bieber, a famous singer make his debut when his youtube clip catchs the eye of a recording company. People may say he is lucky, has the video not been noticed, he will remain unknown for the rest of his life…. th Hard Work and Luck Lead to Success

It has been said that people succeed because of hard work and luck has nothing to do with success. Although I believe that hard work is very important for success, I must disagree with this statement. I think both hard work and luck lead to success. One the one hand, luck often plays an important role in getting success. There have been many cases of successful researchers and inventors making major breakthroughs while they were actually trying to solve another problem or create a different device. One of the biggest lucky mistakes in history is Columbus’ so-called discovery of America.

He changed the history but he was really looking for India. In addition, luck offers an opportunity to get success. There is something to be said that simply being in the right place at the right time – perhaps meeting someone by chance can help one to succeed. Coming across Dumas helped Jules Verne to be a very famous author in the world. So we cannot deny the importance of luck in getting success. On the other hand, hard work invites good luck to achieve success. When the influence of luck cannot be ignored, it is not to say that one should depend on it and ignore the value of hard work.

If one is willing to work hard, success will eventually be achieved. Hark work is often an essential ingredient of luck because it enables one to take advantages of a lucky encounter. If a scientist has not worked hard to develop his knowledge and skills, he may not recognize that lucky breakthrough when it comes alone. Without hard work, Newton would not work out the Newton’s Law after hitting by an apple. Without years of hard work to prove the theory that the world was round, Columbus would not find the new continent. His hard work invited this lucky discovery and he took it successfully.

People who work hard help make their own luck by being ready when opportunity knocks. When it comes to success, I believe that hard work and luck go hand… Hard Work Leads To Success My hypothesis that people who will agree with the assertion that people who work hard will see success in their future, the less he will agree with the assertion that people who are lucky have success. Lerner’s Belief in a Just World theory presumes that persons either believe that the world is a just place and that people get what they deserve, or that the world is not a just place and that events occur by chance (Lerner).

Those with high just world beliefs attribute poverty and other negative circumstances to one’s behavior and personal characteristics, concluding that the poor person somehow deserves to be poor. In his 2007 article “The Reliability and Factor Structure of the Global Belief in a Just World Scale” Morrison states that “the person’s economic status is due to something the person did or failed to do so, therefore they deserved it or had it coming” (Morrison). This can be attributed by the fact that people who put in hard work will be successful and poor people are poor because they don’t work hard.

My next hypothesis is that people who will agree with the assertion that students deserve the grades they get will also agree with the assertion that the world is a just place. In her article, “The belief in a just world and distress at school” Dalbert states that “the better the grades received, the more the grades and the teachers’ general behavior were evaluated as just. ” However, both justice cognitions correlated with the just world scale, even when controlling for the grades received.

“The more the students believed in a personally just world, the more they perceived their grades and their teachers’ behavior towards them as just” (Dalbert). Overall this supports my hypothesis that the personal belief of the just world scale strengthens justice cognitions at school. In his article “The personal belief in a just world and domain-specific beliefs about justice at school and in the family” Stoeber states that “the grade Competitive Sport in Schools; what is going on? Competitive sport is a contest between individuals or teams who are both striving for a goal that cannot be shared, for example, the winning of a game.

Competition naturally occurs everywhere in ours lives, whether it be on the sports field, in the class room or in the work place, there is always competition surrounding us. Sport and business are the two things most people think of when the word competition is used. Competition and more notably competitive sport in schools is a highly debated subject; some schools believe in it and some do not. When I was at school we always did competitive sport and I loved it, as did the majority of children from what I inferred.

However, there are of course the children that do not enjoy the competition in sport and just want to play for fun, or some do not even want to play at all. I believe that competition teaches children a lot in life and I am very interested in the reasons that some schools are stopping competitive sport for. ‘The situation with competitive school sport isn’t nearly as good as Ministers pretend. ’ (Sarah Harris). The ministers say that sport in schools is very good but actually, if you look into it, in many schools sport is not up to the levels it should be, let alone there being any competitive sport taking place.

‘It’s very clear that large proportions of children still aren’t doing any. I’m quite sure that a lot of teachers and head teachers are still ideologically opposed to competitive sport. ’ (Sarah Harris). A lot of children still do not take part in any sport in schools, and this needs to change. It is thought that some head teachers and teachers do not like competitive sport taking place within their schools because they feel it can create problems between pupils and they are worried the children may take aggression out on one another outside of sport.

So, some teachers think the solution is to stop competitive sports in schools… Journal 5: Sports day Summer club is coming to an end and we had something special planned for today; an event which will give the children an opportunity to take part in sports together, as well as help them learn how to compete fairly and show good sportsmanship. The event took place at the seminary in Rabat. The leader of the activity was Fr. Nicholas, the priest which celebrated most of the masses at summer club and spent a lot of time with us during other sessions.

The children were to meet by the parish at 5 in the evening and leave by transport at round 5:15. However I and another helper agreed to meet Fr. Nicholas at 2:30 by the parish hall so that we could help him out with setting up the games for the sports day. At about 3 we arrived at the seminary and we opened the gym to see what equipment was available and there was o much we could make use of. Amongst other equipment we found mattresses, cones, markers, hockey sticks and balls, handballs, footballs, basketballs, a spring board and a long rope.

Our job was to carry this equipment to the outer grounds and try o create, invent and setup games using the available items we had. This job took us round an hour and a half since we had to create a game each. I created a game using only cones and hockey sticks. The game I devised is played by a single player at a time, using a hockey stick the player has to carry a hockey ball round a series of cones after which the player shoots the ball from a distance and scores between to spaced cones.

Points were given according to how many balls the team managed to score between the cones in a time lapse of five minutes. As soon as the children arrived we gave a start to the sports day and each team took a station and rotated from one station to another after 5 minutes of playing. Time passed by until all teams took part in all stations. During the games my job was to stay in charge of my station and keep the scores of each team so that we could add up points and..

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