Success on the Seas: The Journey of the CSS Alabama

4 April 2015
An examination of lifestyle aboard the Confederate Raider.

This paper is an examination of the Confederate Raider CSS Alabama. There is a short background history of the Confederate Navy. The paper purports to illustrate life aboard the cruiser by describing the ship’s mission; the daily activities of the ship’s men, including their diets and leisure activities, the ports visited and the naval record.
“At the outbreak of the Civil War, the Confederate States of America was virtually without a navy. As the southern states seceded, many of the southern naval officers announced their allegiance to the Rebel cause. Unfortunately, the new Confederate government had no naval vessels for these commanders to take charge of. Some of the states captured ships that belonged to the United States and delivered them to the new Secretary of the Navy, Stephen R. Mallory. There were, in all, fifteen guns outfitted on these ten ships.The Department of the Navy recruited men from the army to serve on the new Confederate vessels. However, there were never a large number of men in the navy.”
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