Successful Entrepreneur

8 August 2016

Have you ever known what the elements that make up a successful entrepreneur are? In today’s society, many people have become successful entrepreneurs with many ways. Depending on each other, some of them have strategies at work and more things affect them. Maybe it just a fortune or they really want to get a chance to change their life. No one knows become a successful entrepreneur it is not easy at all. They need to catch an important opportunity, also be quick-minded and have some significant elements such as ethics; professional work environment, real-life experiences, suitable carrier and the last is knowledge.

Internal factor In order to achieve the successful in life and career, an entrepreneur needs to have many factors that help him / her can become an entrepreneur successful. The first factor that affect on the success of entrepreneur is ethical because the Vietnamese had said that “talent without ethic is useless” so ethic plays an important role in success of entrepreneur. In business, honesty is the best policy that help entrepreneur can achieve the aim and satisfaction both parties.

Successful Entrepreneur Essay Example

Besides, another ethical that is patience, it helps him / she does not give up when they got problems, this is virtue that an entrepreneur has to have to overcome challenges in career and life. Moreover, an entrepreneur also needs to be decisive and competitive that affect on the success because an entrepreneur has to make decisions therefore decisive is very necessary. If an The elements that make up a successful entrepreneur Le 4 entrepreneur does not be competitiveness, they will not become successfully because they will not be hard working.

The second factor is experience of an entrepreneur from real-life. To become a successful entrepreneur, it requires he/she must have great experience therefore experience of an entrepreneur is very necessary because it influence on the success in career. One advisor (2010) claimed that: “Every young person eventually needs to consider a path, and working part-time jobs are a good way to gain experience in determining which career field is right for the individual. Part-time jobs are a good way to gain experience not only in a particular position, but are also necessary to succeed in the long-term”.

To get experience, an entrepreneur has to get part-time job and this is a good way he/she can gain more experience for future career. The most experienced that an entrepreneur can draw that is from failures in the job or life through that he/she can learn from those failures and it will bring more successful in future. An entrepreneur has to speak or present front of many people therefore she/she needs more experience to communicate or express ideas. It is not easy therefore an entrepreneur must practice many time. This experience will help an entrepreneur get a big advantage in career.

Besides, the experience from social life is also very important because through social life experience, an entrepreneur can draw out the way how to behave with competitors, partners, colleagues and subordinates. Another aspect also the last thing of internal factor is knowledge and this thing leads to the success of an entrepreneur. For example, an entrepreneur who needs to communicate with partners from other countries therefore languages is very important because if an entrepreneur is good at speaking languages such as English, Chinese, The elements that make up a successful entrepreneur Le 5

French or Spanish and anything else, it will be a big advantage for communicating in business. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, he/she needs to have knowledge such as computer skill, presentation skill, expression skill, communication skill and more. Besides that, an entrepreneur also needs to have degree because it is so very important that also effect on success of an entrepreneur and it is evidence that he/she is educated and trained. According to Karen Schweitzer (2010), there are many different types of business degrees.

Earning one of these degrees can help you to improve your general business knowledge as well as your leadership skills. The last thing, an entrepreneur who needs to have creativity because it helps him/her can go further in business with impression ideas. External factor To begin with, the feature makes an entrepreneur become successful that is professional work environment. It is also very important with an entrepreneur because if workplace is comfortable and sociable, he/she can become more activeness in their work.

Besides, it increases ability to complete work early and also affects on the outcome of work. When they work on professional environment, an entrepreneur can become more confidence and dynamically because he/she can be active to give good ideas and reduce stress by work at workplace. For instance, base on Managing business argued that the work environment should be clean, healthy, spacious and hygienic. There are proper infrastructure facilities in an organization. It will help an entrepreneur can work more efficiency and enhance concentrating on work.

The last external factor is job that will help an entrepreneur get successful. For example, in order to get success in career, as Bob Reiss (2010) believed that an The elements that make up a successful entrepreneur Le 6 entrepreneur has to have passion with job because passion will help him/her overcome difficult moments and if he/she does not have passion, it will make him/her give up. Besides, an ambitious entrepreneur always want trying to get achieve goals in his/her career.

Having a plan and try hard to get success, so this is the reason why to explain for who has a lot of drive, motivation and enthusiasm. Moreover, entrepreneurs always want to get success therefore he/she usually want to face with a lot of challenges in his/her career, life and that is the way an entrepreneur get successful. Depending on occupation, there are many opportunities for entrepreneur; so they must catches it and is also help him/her can be promotion or get higher position in occupation. Conclusion In conclusion, business has enough these factors when they were working if they want to get successful.

Moreover, an entrepreneur will become a good person not only at work also social life when they have a high-quality behavior. Furthermore, they will creative a clean, healthy work environment and satisfactory physical condition will help to remove workers stress and irritation at work. All in all, before starting a business, a person should be practice many things with many ways to make yourself become a real entrepreneur or professional careers without thinking about success. The elements that make up a successful entrepreneur Le 7

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