Successful you become

1 January 2018

The more money you have, the more successful you become. In different classes of society, success is defined and measured in number of Languishing and Ferris, in number of countries visited, in number of gadgets owned, in number of bank accounts, and to some men, in number of young mistresses. Some people Jump from one Job to another, not to look for the ones they love to do, but the ones that offer better paycheck. Some people work, not to serve but to get paid.

Some people at, not because they need to but because they want to, while in some distant places some people never get the chance to eat. But how do we really define success? How do we know if we are already successful? Each one of us has our own definition, each one of us has our own barometer. What makes us happy makes us successful. I remember my grandmother would always ask me to water her plants and clean her front yard, and in exchange I would be given school allowance, so I got the chance to buy better snacks than usual.And as I grow older, I get to understand that in order to get better opportunities; you have to work hard to get it. But there was one time my mother caught me asking my grandmother for my school allowance after watering her plants, and my mother told me not to ask for any payment for every errand my grandmother asks. I didn’t understand her point then, because I watered the plants to earn my school allowance; why should I not ask for a penny if I deserve it? And Just lately I understood, not all handwork’s need to get paid, though reward comes reprovingly.

Successful you become Essay Example

And this is how I define success; it is achieved when your hard work creates happiness to other people whether reward comes or not. Success is when you earn respect without imposing. Success is when contentment overpowers greed. Success is when you live with integrity despite temptations. For you may succeed fraudulently, but you will never be proud. Success arises from downfall. Success further is not an end but rather the climax of our day to day Journey and the beginning of another success.

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