6 June 2017

Career Paper Sports medicine focus on the improvement of the body’s performance during any type of sports related activity. Also dealings with recovering from serious injury and stop future injuries from happening. The necessary skills that are involved in sport medicine are very simple everyday skills. One is compassion, good communication and problem solving skills. You need those skills to become a successful doctor in this career field. Before becoming a doctor you have to look into the education side first.

There are courses you need to complete while attending college to receive you degree. The main courses are physiology of exercise, sports law and human physiology. Being a sports doctor and having your own practices brings In a lot more money than your average doctor. The salary cap Is between 100,000 to 500,000 a year, that’s U. S National averages salary for sports medlclne doctor. The first Job llstlng Is from Habersham Medical Center Job Description: Full Tlme/l Part Time Description of Job: Dealing with college athletic injuries and treating under athletic trainer scope of ractice Special Skills: BLS is required.

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License Required: Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer. Second job listing is from Director of Sports Medicine university of New Haven. Master’s degree, NATABOC, CPR and FA certification required. Preference given to candidates with at least 10 years’ experience as an ATC in a multi-sport/coed athletic environment, football and supervisory experience required. Strong management, organizational, interpersonal & communication skills necessary. Kahri Sloane Developmental Writing My favorite childhood toy was my Scooby-doo life size teddy bear.

My uncle Ronald on it at 6 flag in California, I was around the age of 5 maybe 6 1 think. But the touch of my Scooby-doo was soft like cotton, smooth like a pillow or a cloud. The sight of it was life the real Scooby-doo. With the dog tag, ears, tail and black spots on its back. I didn’t hear anything unless I tried to talk like I was Scooby-doo. The type of smell was from myself the baby smell I guess you can call it. But for the last senses is taste which I didn’t taste anything at all, because teddy bears dont smell like nothing. I will never forget my favorite childhood toy. successful By tmam Kahri Sloane

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