Sufere and Fear of Animals

Suffer and fear of animals due to human’s benefitsAccording to the article the pain and fear of animals written by David Suzuki is an interesting article which describes and questions about the suffered and feared of animals while used for humans benefits in scientific research. Animals can be used for many different purposes by human beings with neglecting the right to live in peace.

They have been used for food consumptions research purpose, and neglecting rights of animals.The article was mainly explaining many different information regarding animal’s exposure to humans, such as animal used for games, research, medications and described the animals hunting, fearing and suffering. Suzuki mentioned that they used the animals for game like fish, by hunting and trapping…. considering that fishing is exciting activities.

His intended audience are the people because they used animals for many purposes without considering animal’s rights through exploitation. For example, the author pointed out that people used animals for food such fishing for consumption as his family like fish as protein source; on the other hand, other people practiced fishing as an entertainment while this could be horror, struggle and pain for the fish. Suzuki trained shooting on a marble using his slingshot, later he continued interfering squirrels by trapping and using his slingshot, while the squirrel got trapped, ready to kill, unfortunately it started to cry in which he understood the suffering and fearing of the squirrel, that event was a very good lesson that enabled him to feel the fear and pain of the squirrel specifically and animals in general. Since that time, he stopped hunting and shooting of animals (Suzuki, 1998). The purpose of the author is to demonstrate that animals faced to suffer and fear when being hunted, trapped, and killed by humans for different purposes. And, to learn that animals have the right to live in peace.Suzuki added that the use of animals by humans for scientific research and medication purposes in which lots animals killed for treatment of human diseases that eventually led into extinction of many species of animals.

For examples animal being used for studying genetics (mice, monkey, fruit flies…), molecular biology (virus and bacteria). He described the use animals for studying modern biology, discovering and creating new ideas and development of human knowledge for better standard of human life through investigating sample animals in laboratory for breeding them, used their parts either medication or researching purposes. They concern about the extinction, pain and exploit right of living organism by humans; especial the kinds of animals that hunting and trapping a lot.The author writing was effective as he incorporated many other ideas and thoughts into his own findings, he also follows the right writing style as his paragraphs are arranged accordingly and coherers in a way the information is written. The article is easy to understand and follow, and the author use third person and some time second person to explain and tell the experiment he had.Suzuki achieved his purpose because he left the reader feeling sympathy about the suffered and pain of the wild animals. People learned that animals have the same right as humans and pets to survive.

Thee author brought a good idea to Chimpanzees…ReferencesSuzuki. (1998).The pain of animals. In H.

Rosengarten and J. Flick(Eds.), The Broadview reader. Peterborough, ON: Broadview. (Original work published 1989)

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