Sugary Smiles

1 January 2019

It is a four-layered cake garnished with vines of forest green climbing their way up and around orange, pink, red and purple Gerber daisies. The delicious butter cream frosting hides a delicate cake of perfect whiteness surrounded by strawberry filling. It’s a cake I have been planning in my head, a cake that I dream to make one day in my very own bakery since I was fifteen years old and I first dreamed of becoming a cake decorator and pastry chef. Owning my own bakery is a job I wish to pursue someday to bring smiles to everybody who sees and tastes my creations.

The start of my culinary journey began with taking a cake decorating class at Michael’s, a craft store. When walking into the classroom I was anxious to get started. Sitting in my chair and waiting for the instructor, two thoughts ran across my mind: would I actually be good at decorating a cake or would I fail dramatically? Before I knew it, the class was almost over and my table was covered in frosting, decorating bags and messy containers. It was officially a mess! But one thing was beautiful: a white round cake with yellow shells for the border sitting in front of me. In the middle were the words “Welcome Home” in purple icing. That cake was my first decorated cake. I made it for my two sisters’ homecoming from college. I felt so proud and happy especially when I saw my sisters’ smiles when they ate it. That moment right there encouraged me to keep going and create more beautiful cakes. That moment right there made me realize that nothing is better than making someone smile.

Sugary Smiles Essay Example

I love the feeling of amazement I get when I decorate an elegant cake or bake something sweet and scrumptious of my own. It’s the same feeling I get when I give a friend or even a complete stranger something that makes them smile. To me baking is about having fun and sharing my dream with others. One of my favorite shows, “Ace of Cakes”, turns an everyday object like a keyboard or board game into a cake that looks just like it. Being a cake decorator and pastry chef would allow me to have that kind of fun and explore my own creativity. I believe that I can fulfill this dream, and I also know that God, my family and my friends will be there along the way supporting me. My dream cake, the cake I dream to make in my own bakery will someday become a reality.

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