Suicide and Friend

12 December 2016

Teen suicide is something we all know about; some of us more than others. It is a horrible murderer that takes away our friends, brothers, sisters, cousins…and what does it leave behind? The sad memory and wonder of if we could have helped is all that lingers when it takes away the ones close to us. Only two months ago, there was a girl that is known to most teenagers in Georgia. She was outgoing, friendly, helpful, sweet, hilarious, and seemed to light up a room. I never had the pleasure of actually becoming close to her. This girl and I maybe talked twice and she reminded me of myself.

She was a bubbly girl, but behind the mask of happiness and a bouncy girl. was the face of a sad girl wanting help. Maybe that’s why I could relate to her. I, too, was like that when we’d talked. Just as I was reaching my breaking point, the girl reached hers. Rachel was her name. She’d attempted to take her life and, two weeks later, died on October 29th, 2009. Like all teen suicides, it affected everyone. Her parents were destroyed, her ex-boyfriend felt guilty to the point of which he wanted to die, her friends missed her and took their anger out on all the wrong people, and it resulted it horrible events.

The reason I chose this topic of teen suicide isn’t because it is the 3rd leading cause of death for teens or because of mere stories of it. I chose this because not only do I know the facts, I’ve personally experienced situations where I almost lost a friend and I did lose a girl that could have been like a sister to me. When teens want to die, almost nothing will stop them . It may seem selfish to say, “Live for me” when they had to live through pain, but what they don’t understand is the pain will pass. There’s an organization especially made for teaching the teenagers that there’s something to live for.

It is called, To Write Love On Her Arms. The name has it’s own story behind it, as does the reasoning for the organization being founded, and it’s helped many teens escape the choking grip of suicide. A hotline I had used was an easy one to remember. It was 1-800-SUICIDE. The hotline gave me two operators and they personally helped me. My friend was considering suicide and this hotline helped him. Before you down the idea, let me tell you about it. The friend was given the help he needed and talked down without being taken to the mental institute.

Just because someone is suicidal, it doesn’t mean they’re crazy. Think of this: 27% of teens at one high school admitted to secretly wanting to commit suicide and 8% of them did it. That’s proof that suicidal teens are not crazy teens. Why else would a teen commit suicide every 100 minutes? Does that mean that the world is full of lunatics? No. It means that the world is full of teenagers with problems and no answers to them As some of you take teen suicide as a joke, others take it as a personal stab to the heart.

We’ve lost friends and family to this horrid killer, but there is only one way to stop it. We have to be understanding, yet helpful . Your friend may get mad if you try to help, but would you rather have the friend dislike you for a little while and be alive or have them love you and dead? As for those that are suicidal, don’t think that the world will be better without you because it won’t. In this world, you are one of a kind. Each and every one of us is unique. If you’re gone, people WILL miss you. It may seem to be the end to your problems, but it’s the beginning to others’ pain.

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