Suicide Composition

12 December 2016

My paper is talking about why people commit suicide and the people that were affected by the outcome of suicide. There are information about signs of someone that is thinking about committing suicide, and what to do to help the person out before the commit suicide. I. Suicide is the ninth common cause of death in the United States. A. There are many suicide attempts each year. 1. Most attempts are made from young women. II.

There are many suicide attempts each year that are successful. a. The category for the most successful suicides would be men that have returned from war, or older single men that live alone. 1. Men are most likely to commit violent suicides like shooting themselves, jumping from heights, or hanging themselves. III. There are risk factors for suicide. A. They include someone talking about suicide or thinking about it. 2. Someone that is living alone, recently divorced or losing their job. 3. Sometimes people even put their finances in order and talk to people that they want to say goodbye to.

IV. In some states in the United States they have legalized for a doctor to give someone a prescription for a lethal dose of barbiturates. A. Someone can take the prescription and commit suicide. 4. It is called physician-assisted suicide. (Dictionary, 2009) V. Published in the late nineteenth century suicide became a topic of sociological inquiry that Emile Durkheim’s study of it. A. Durkheim’s thought that even though suicide would be personal, that he showed that suicide has the characteristics of a social fact.

Durkheim’s analysis of suicide can be conceptualized in terms of two axes: the degree of social integration and the degree of social regulation. When either becomes insufficient or excessive, the suicide rate as a result. ) (Gale, 2001) VI. The Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide states that suicide can be understood by looking at it in three dimensions. 6. Thwarted belongingness, perceived ineffectiveness and burdensomeness on others, and an acquired capability for suicide.

It is rare in young children to commit suicide, but it is the third most common cause of death in children from ages 10-19. A. The children that are at the most risk to consider suicide are the ones that suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and alcohol or substance abuse. 7. Children are more likely to commit suicide on impulse instead of adults. (Solutions, 2012) VIII. In Ohio there is a foundation called Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation (OSPF), and New York City based Kognito Interactive.

It is a foundation that in the year 2014 the goal is to provide at least 20,000 educators. 8. In this program they are trained to see the warning signs of depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide, for at risk youth and to get them help if they show any of these signs. 9. As suicide is the third most leading cause of death nationally for youth.

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