7 July 2019

Last fall, the Band-Aid wearing hip-hop superstar Nelly dropped two albums on that same day, “Suit” and “Sweat.” Both received the highest ratings, following the paths of his previous two albums, “Country Grammar” and “Nellyville.” Of the two, “Suit,” which is more R&B-themed than “Sweat,” is just a tad better.

At first, “Suit” does not seem too amazing, but after listening a few times, it gets much better. Nelly has now lost the Band-Aid, a symbol for his brother in prison, but has kept everything else intact. Each and every song is great to get you moving. Even on the slowest tracks, the melodies are so well produced that one cannot help but sing along.

Although he could have, Nelly did not do the whole album by himself. He has incorporated many styles, featuring Jaheim (a softer artist similar to Tyrese); Anthony Hamilton, who many may remember from the popular “Chappelle’s Show,” Snoop Dogg, one of the greatest of the hip-hop industry, and even country music’s Tim McGraw, a surprise to many. Even more surprising is that “Over and Over” with McGraw is doing extremely well.

The best aspect of “Suit” is that every song is built from the ground up for greatness; there are no filler songs. This CD will probably go over best with women because of its slower vibe, but every song is so well done that it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to hear amazing tracks.

Some may be disappointed with its length, but keep in mind that “the mayor of Nellyville” made two albums, so he is certainly not lazy. The explicit lyrics are kept to a minimum, but he also offers an edited version. Other than that, I see no reason not to buy this CD. Just like his past works, this is a must-have.

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