Summarizing a Journal Article

10 October 2016

The interrelationships between nursing practice, knowledge and research. Β This journal article argues that culture within nursing practice, plays a significant role in the notion denoting research as superfluous to care provision. The authors examine the nurses’ perception concerning their use of research in practice, by employing three specific questions regarding views on, use of and workplace support within research.

Using the quantitative approach, they gather biographic information, views-on and knowledge-of research and ones ability to utilise it within practice settings. A Likert-based questionnaire was used to analyse descriptive statistics scores as a percentage, where respondents rated answers one to five. Their findings show nurses value practice based research. Their decision-making process typically involves a range of factors outside the scope of research and often research requires an effort in accessing resources.

The authors ascertain that research yields both greater value and acceptance to decisions that require justification (NICE, cited in Heaslip, Hewitt-Taylor et al. 2012 pg. 1344-1345). They conclude, whilst research is valued by nurses, both a complementary culture and adequate workplace support are often absent. Isolated, research cannot enable thorough clinical decision making, which should encompass a variety of factors and resources.

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