Summary essay

8 August 2016

Victor David Hanson did his undergraduate work at the University of California at Santa Cruz and his Ph. D. work at Stanford University. He is a specialist in military history and has taught classics at California State. A noted conservative, Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. In his essay, “Our Brave New World of Immigration” at realclearpolitic. com on May 25, 2006, he claimed that if illegal immigrants do not adapt to U. S laws, language and culture, American citizenry will not except them. First, Hanson determined effects that illegal immigrants cause in the U.

Society. He described a situation in which an illegal immigrant drove a “van had blown a bald tire” (699). It was not a safe car, and it caused the accident in which the driver likely “has no insurance or driver license” (699). He ran away, so the state has to pay for all their damages. Besides that, he wrote that illegal immigrants did not care for their car condition, and they caused property damage, so the owner of the damaged vehicle had to pay the money to fix it. Second, he discussed about the nature of the illegal immigrants.

There are large numbers of “young males from Mexico [who] arrive in a strange country mostly alone, without English,” (699). He also talked about how so many illegal immigrants are uneducated. Furthermore they come here and work, and they send the money back to their country rather than spend it the U. S. Then, he compared the immigration of today with the immigration in the past. It is opposite in that people came to America legally in the past. Today, he wrote, “It is estimated that the United States is home to 11 or 12 million aliens,” (700).

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