Summary of Best Seller

7 July 2017

Summary of best seller best seller deals with the life of a business worker of plate and glass company who believes that fictions are unrealistic and according to him a man always marries a girl of the same background. THE story starts with the narrator traveling in a chair car on his way to Pittsburgh where he meets John A. Fescue,an old acquaintance John was reading a bestseller thought that these stories were imaginary. Hen after a little formal chat on happenings in their lives John told that he was married.

John was traveling to Cincinnati when he saw the finest maiden of all and fell in love then he followed her all the way to her home town keeping a sharp unpredictable distance from her eyes. He went in a hotel for the night to stay where the manager on asking said that the biggest mansion at top of the hill was of colonel Allan. Then suddenly the maiden of his dreams came,he went to ere and started the conversation,which ended with her revealing the truth that she knew John was following her and she was glad he didn’t talked with her and the next challenge to him was to enter the girl’s house which was none other than the colonel’s mansion. He next morning he went there by showing his business card and by pretending that he wanted to sell those plate glasses and hence wanted to meet colonel Allan.

The place was a dead coffin and he with shaken legs numb hands and rack voice talked to the colonel and after sometime came to the point and asked for the girl’s hand and to his surprise the colonel gave an unexpected answer by agreeing and told him a lot of stories about his experiences apteral he got someone to listen to his stories and unwillingly he have to listen to him the story ends as train reaches to cotton and the so called traversal goes to dig petunias for his rose lady and he addresses that the old man is still in my house waiting to tell more and more stories

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