Summary of Power Play Article

1 January 2017

When you have to apply an important strategy where others may have different agenda leadership skills and emotional intelligence not enough to success, but you need a power. So you should improve your ability to build and exercise the power. By studying powerful people, mining social science’s understanding of human behavior and practicing. Be Familiar With Power Mangers are differ in the primary motivation to success.

Some managers were motivated primarily by affiliation (they had a fundamental desire to be liked) where others motivated by achievement (attaining goals and gaining personal recognition brought them satisfaction). Furthermore, others still interested in power to be able to influence others. In addition to power managers need to have business knowledge and organizational skills to success. At the begging you need to understand your resources to know how to use the power effectively where using the power effectively more important than the power.

Money is not the only power, but there is other things like having access to information.

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There is three points needed to success in applying the power. First, you need to bring the talented people and held them to high standard. Second, focusing the data and analysis and ensure it is perfect. Third, do not take personally when others disagreed with you and reduce the emotional temperature of interaction. The Exercise of Power Power gives you the ability to have things to your way where you need others best efforts whom have other ideas. Powerful people do several things to advance their agendas.

Mete out resources When you have a power over resources important to others like money, equipment and information you can use them to build your power. Also, you should take the chances to help others since they will repay your favor back as the universal principle said. Shape behavior through rewards and punishments In any organization people will reward those who help them and also will punish those stands in there ways. So, whoever effectively use the power make it clear that if you helped them you will be rewarded otherwise you will be in trouble.

Make the first move You should take the advantage of being the first. So, surprise your challengers with your move before they know what is happening. Co-opt antagonists or Remove rivals nicely Sometimes you should put your opponents in your team or give them part of the stake to redirect and have the control of their energies. Another way to deal with opponents is getting them out of your way nicely like finding other job for them where they also be grateful to you. There is also other ways to get them out by money with saving there face.

Don’t draw unnecessary fire You should always focus in the way of winning to avoid unnecessary problems. Also, you should avoid going away from your priorities that might create unnecessary problems. Use the personal touch It is important to build personal ties with those who could help you advance the movie industry’s agenda. Also, you should make a lobby by being polite and make a good communication. Persist You should not deny or delay something you know that you are going to do it sooner or later.

So, you might save yourself time and effort and do it directly. Make important relationships work When you reach a certain point in your career you need to make a critical relationships with everybody no matter you feel to them. Make the vision compelling When you are aligned with a compelling, socially valuable objective it will make it easier to exercise power. So that you should place your personal objectives in a broader context that compels others to support you. Conclusion

At the end this is our life and our world and we know it is not the perfect one. So, you cannot get far with your strategic plans without building and using power. Some of the people competing for advancement or standing in the way of your organization’s agenda will bend the rules of fair play or ignore them entirely. You should not bother yourself complaining about this or wishing things were different because this is part of your job. You will accomplishment if you understand the principles of power and if you are willing to use them.

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