Summary of the Sugar Revolution

10 October 2016

Summary of the Sugar Revolution Sugar- Summary The French and English did not sit by a let Spain colonize the entire Caribbean. They to settled in some of the Caribbean islands which they colonized themselves. They also attacked Spanish colonies as well as Spanish ships, both legally and illegally. By the mid 17th century Spain had now become a weakened colonial master. Sugar The English Sugar enterprise began in Barbados in the early 1640s. The competition from Virginia tobacco led to the Caribbean planters changing their focus to the production of sugar.

The high demand of sugar by the European countries also played a factor The Dutch were very instrumental in bringing the production of sugar to the West Indies. They supplied the methods, as well as the labour. Between 1643 and 1660 Barbados was transformed into a total sugar plantation economy. ·Lands which had previously been in small productive units were now pieces of larger plantations. ·The price of land skyrocketed ·Small farmers were forced out of business ·Large plantation owners were then able to control the islands affairs

Summary of the Sugar Revolution Essay Example

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