Summary on Waiting for Superman

12 December 2016

As an American we have taken pride in our steady advancement and progression yet this generation have allowed technology to take the place of our desired expectations in life. In this socialization people tend to slack off into a world of illusion. This era of time from 2001 to the present time we should be named Generation Anti- Social Slacker. This generation is notorious for having no sense of direction we are easily distracted by unnecessary events and issues. Generation Anti- social Slackers lives in a fictitious world where we are allowed to create goals.

As a member of the Anti- Social Slacker Generation our goals of achieving the American dream of fame and fortune are to idealistic and since we value superficiality and immediate gratification and tend to be narcissistic, poor communicators and underachievers our goals are often not met. A significant social trend in our generation’s youth was the explosion of the social networking sites. From the first social networking site started back in 1995 social networking was introduced by AOL (America Online).

Shortly after it was followed by Classmates. com in 1997; moreover, social networking had began it’s peak with Blackplanet. om bring in 3 million users then Friendster was born in 2002, not long after Linkedin was created in 2003 bring in 30 million members. Meanwhile MySpace. com hit the networking in 2003 tripling Linkedin’s users. Finally Facebook. com was created in 2004 but only for Harvard college students then two years later Facebook was launched to the public and today Facebook has 150 million members. Facebooks model is to promote honesty and openness. Christopher Nickson inaaccurately states in his article that “It seems people really enjoy beings themselves, and throwing that openness out there for all to see” (Nickson1).

Nickson does not see that online people are allowed to put whatever they want other to see and think about their life. Such sites allow people to be something they are not creating a false image. Although our generation sets high expectations in life we are easily influenced by a world of advertisements hindering a young mind and distracting us from what is real. Because we seek our goal of living to America dream and fail we allow these sites to make up for our down falls. Since we have become so unsuccessful in our own lives we try to make up for it by living a lie using networking to pursue a modeling , acting or music areer online. It is impossible to become famous by just sitting behind your computers.

However for those that were unable to become famous they still live in their superficial world by making up a fictitious life, exaggerating the truth to gain social attention. In the article “Grow up? Not So Fast”, the author states “I feel there’s too information out there at all times. There are too many doors, too many people, too much competition” (Lev et al5). In result this generation has become disconnected giving up on their goals of living the American dream fearing that there is no hope.

This generation understands where we came from and knows what we are capable of achieving but because our American ego’s we value being narcissistic. In addition because of the economy status it is harder to get ahead so the anti-social slacker model is to fake our dreams by upholding a superficial appearance. This generation values what we see on reality television and what the music influence is saying we should have; however, we believe education gets us nothing but if you look like a super model you can have anything.

The authors accurately states that “This is the one time of their lives when they’re not responsible for anyone else or to anyone else” (Lev et al 8). For that reason we can only find the time to think of ourselves therefore at this point being narcissistic is all we have to hold on to and since we our blinded by this sociality values technology will continue to be abused. In addition social networking has affected our generation’s behavior by influencing under – developed and ineffective social skills as while as poor grammar.

Social networking was created to help us make new friends and stay in touch with old friends. Unfortunately people have misused the site for numerous inappropriate needs but more importantly people practice bad grammar and slang. With these careless behaviors this generation and beyond will be underachievers. The author asked and important question he said, “are we really networking in a social sense, or are we just hiding behind our keyboards, and building list of virtual friends rather than getting out there in the real world”? Nickson1). We have become mesmerized by technology and disconnected for reality. However if we keep up this behavior socially we will never get ahead and we only have ourselves to blame. In conclusion as a member of generation anti-social slackers our goals of living the American dream is inane but not impossible and our superficial values are promising although we value our narcissistic attitudes it may sometimes get in the way of our goals. We have become so disconnected from reality and allowed technology to effect our growth.

What could we do to snap out of these narcissistic, anti- social unsuccessful trends? How can this generation transform from slacker to overachievers. No matter how hard it gets there is always hope. We must stop living in our on fictitious world and frittering away our time with social networking site and get out in the real world live our dreams.

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