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1 January 2017

In the article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? ” by Stephen Marche we are informed of the negative effect social media can have on out psychological self. “Social media – from Facebook to twitter – have made us more densely networked than ever. Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier. ” (Marche 60) What is loneliness? It is a psychological state. Marche stated many times that loneliness and being lonely are not the same thing. “Solitude can be lovely.

Crowded parties can be agony. ” (Marche 64) It was said that loneliness is at the middle of American society. We get together less, and when we do get together it does not mean as much as it once did. That bond just is not there anymore. If loneliness is becoming such a big problem in the world today, why are we spending countless hours and enormous amounts of money trying to achieve loneliness? “Despite its deleterious effects on health, loneliness is one of the first things ordinary Americans spend their money achieving,” Marche informed.

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Money moves us to the serenity of that quiet beach or the undisturbed house in the middle of nowhere. Loneliness is being invited into our live by our very own selves, even when such suffering and strain can result. Marche expressed, “Loneliness is certainly not something that Facebook or twitter or any of the lesser forms of social media is doing to us. We are doing it to ourselves. ” An example used in the article was going to self checkout versus a normal check stand at a grocery store.

Marche admitted to going to the self-checkout, only to avoid wait time and because it is more efficient. Marche isn’t trying to bring loneliness upon himself, he is only trying to “Bypass the whole circus and just ring up the groceries myself” (68) Studies had been done to see if online, social networking, users were more lonely than non-users. They came to the conclusion that the more you have face-to-face communication the less lonely you are. “The danger with Facebook is not that it lets us isolate ourselves, but that it threatens to alter the very nature of solitude.

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