1 January 2017

Gentlemen of the jury, considering the evidence given before you, it would be immoral to let this murderer walk free. Mr bromden; a six foot eight, concrete build of a man, trained to kill, with a history of violence was a modern day con-man . A manipulative liar who faked his own deafness and dumbess to the authorities that swore to protect him for eight years. It is beyond reasonable doubt gentlemen of the jury, that this man had the capabilities and the disregard for the law to carry out such a premeditated, cold-blooded murder.

The defence would have you believe that an ‘insane’ man such as bromden doesn not have the mental capacity to carefully plan a murder such as the one carried out on Mr Mcmurphy. The same man who deceived the very government he served for over eight years, using the Oregon institute of psychology as a hotel rather than to seek help. Mr Bromden was dispossessed of his land as a child, there is no denying it. But for Mr Bromden to seek justice by pretending to be insane, to leech off of this great nations resources is an act of revenge, pure and simple.

Summation Essay Example

This revenge grew to hatred for the American population, in particular, one Mr R P Mcmurphy. The Chief, as he is titled, was quoted as being jealous of Mcmurphy. So what does he do to get his final, bittersweet revenge on our nation? He forcefully suffocates Mcmurphy in his vegetable like state. No request from Mr Mcmurphy, no authority to carry it out. This was just pure hatred from a man trained to kill.

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