Summer in Tulum

Last summer in Cancun, I was bored so I convinced my family that we should go to Tulum. Tulum with its beautiful days and tropical weather all year round, where the sun is almost always out, where the sea is turquoise blue, and where the sea wind blows gently and warm but still refreshing. A place where some will dream to be. A place where the mysterious but ingenious Mayas habited a long time ago, and were they built a beautiful city of rock next to the beach, where they would observe the sea and the stars. Today, from my grandfather’s house I am able to look at the ruins.
I am there sitting at the beach but this is a special beach for me, far away from big hotels and people, it’s like if you had your private beach, a private beach in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Besides being a beautiful and quiet beach there is something special about this place, there is a place that we call “caleta”. This place is a part of the sea right next to the beach, a place rounded by rocks and with an entrance to the sea, a place where the water is sweet and you can open your eyes and there is no salt to hurt your eyes, this place is perfect for swimming, the water is a little colder than the sea beside it but never to cold it is perfect for the hot weather. The nature in Tulum is gorgeous and diverse with the different ecosystems like the “cenotes”, the jungles, the reefs.
The town of Tulum is not too far away from my grandfather’s house. I like the town just the way it is right now; without any tall buildings, with a slow and tranquil rhythm, with abundant nature, not too industrialized, without fast-food restaurants and franchises. I especially like this place at night when the small restaurants with their unique and different styles and delicious food and abundance of people from different places, it is just a place where I love to be. Because it is a small town at night you can observe a lot of stars. The people in the town are usually very kind and will always try to make you feel good and make sure you are enjoying the town.
I like Tulum when I go with my family or when I go with my friends. I love spending time with my family and more when it is in such a wonderful place. I love to go there every time I am in Cancun it is just an hour an a half drive to a place that makes me feel so happy and in peace.

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